Oil & Gas Services

Oil And Gas 

Since 1956 Libya has had a history of oil and gas production with the largest proven oil reserves in Africa. The country has many established Major International Oil Companies working there.

The Libya Consultancy aims to help support these, and Libyan organisations projects, through the supply of services for the oil and Gas sector including local personnel, equipment, support and supplies.

Bringing a Western approach to local support we demonstrate that together we can utilise efficiencies to make improvement in logistics, the supply chain, profitability and operational capacity and capability.

The Libya Consultancy can support your operations by being there so as to ensure the continuity of operations.

Civil Engineering

Preparation of sites including site surveys, site clearance, foundation laying and equipment installation.

Chemical Supply

Chemical Supply – including, drilling fluids, production and refinery chemicals.

Plant and Equipment

 Appropriate plant equipment from low level trucks and diggers to heavy lifting plant.

Manpower & Services Supply

Including mud logging, environmental, casing and tubular supply. We have the ability to recruit and supply a local skilled workforce.

Logistical Support

Full or partial solutions, building temporary accommodation, deploying water and power supply units, and providing catering, security and other utility services.

Medical Facilities

Remote clinics staffed with fully trained and accredited remote medics, our aim is to provide professional first line medical care to staff in remote locations.