Legal Services



It is essential when working in Libya that you understand fully the legal processes, whether that be engagement for the first time, re-energising stalled projects or dealing with contractual disputes or arbitration.

This is as true for Libyan entities looking to engage with the international community as it is for those international organisations engaging within the Libyan Governmental, Institutional or Commercial arenas.

Libyan law is continually evolving and it is essential that the information you are given and the direction you are advised to take is right the first time, every time.
We have developed trusted relationships with select Libyan counsel that has been vetted and can act and advise on matters to international standards looking  after all legal needs with expertise, confidence and credability.
By working with counsel that has built a national and international reputation specialising in Libyan law and all matters legal you can be assured of a structured and focused engagement.

Corporate Law and Start Up

Helping you to engage with partners minimising cost and risk and maximising opportunities.

Banking and Finance

Ensuring that you make the best use of your capital whilst maximising your return on investment nationally and internationally.



Helping you with the recovery of fiscal and physical assets and detailing the easiest arbitrary routes to pursue.

Employment Law

Managing all aspects related to Libyan employment law. Assisting with practical advice to ensure adequate engagement and management of employees to include dispute resolution.

Commercial Law

Assisting you to identify the right commercial platforms and frameworks that best suit your ambitions in Libya.

Specialist Law

Including the Oil and Gas Industry, Aviation and Maritime, Investment and Intellectual property law… Contact us for your requirement.

Our Other Services

Legal Services

Libya Consulting offers a wide range of commercial and enterprise legal services.

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Research and Analysis

Specializing in Libya we provide in-depth research and analysis using our expert international team and our in-country research colleagues.

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Insurance Services

Libya consulting connects our clients to leaders within the Lloyds of London insurance markets specialising in Libya.

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Security Services

Libya Consulting provides the full remit of Security Services required to allow you and your teams to safely execute projects in Libya.

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Travel & Life Support

 Libya Consulting providing the full cycle of support from Travel Services to on the ground life support.

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Oil & Gas Services

Libya Consulting works to establish long term relationships within the energy sector.

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Power Generation

Libya Consultancy work alongside our clients to establish and deliver on a range of Libyan energy projects.

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International Response

International Emergency Response, tracking, travel management and remote logistics designed to meet modern, corporate travel patterns.


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