Research and Analysis in Libya 


Since 2012 our teams have been engaged in Libya, delivering projects, assisting clients and developing networks.
Our services, knowledge and skills are borne from real-time experience of operating in Libya and through having assisted a multitude of clients across the power generation, oil and gas, NGO, governmental and commercial sectors.
We fully understand the interactions of Libyan society and governance and the impact that is brought to bear by international players who affect the Libyan landscape in many different ways.
Working with our clients we provide meaningful and actionable research so they can better understand this complex environment allowing them to make decisions to ensure that, whatever their investment, they are best informed to progress through a position of strength

Landscape Investment Analysis

Landscape [Investment] Analysis allows clients too, as appropriate, accelerate action and adopt a systematic approach to assessing where, when and how to best invest in Libya. Through an in-depth understanding of the Libyan market across a range of requirements we supply the critical information for investment decisions. we advise on geopolitical, cultural, commercial and security concerns in what remains a complex operating environment

Competitor Analysis

In Libya most of your competitors will be international entities, those trying to assess the market and leverage advantage. Our services will allow YOU to gain that advantage by analysing competitors activity in country, evaluating their strategies and determining strengths and weaknesses. Most importantly we will supply the local knowledge and method of entry to give YOU the competitive edge.

Market Research

Libya is a complex and difficult to access environment, by engaging in surveys, interviews, focus groups and targeted observation we will analyse, identify and report on the market environment. This will allow you to best determine and evaluate opportunities and structure the best route to market gaining maximum return on your investment. Libya is a country that remains bereft of commodities and services but ripe in opportunities.

Market Entry Strategies

There are many ways to gain market entry into Libya whether that be through exporting, licensing, franchising, partnering, joint ventures or company formations. An additional concern is the complexity of local commercial law and the fact that most information is in Arabic, this can make the decision making process complex. Let us guide and advise you of options and methodology so as to achieve the best return on your investment.

Economic Analysis

Understanding the Libyan economy is a complex and difficult task with much of the information either being unrecorded, out of date or simply corrupted. It can be difficult to understand the exact condition of the economy, we investigate and document the factors by going directly to the source and accessing information that often is not in the public domain. We can analyse across a myriad of requirements so you can measure the net benefits of a project investment.

Project planning

Once the decision has been made for market entry and project implementation the next stage is to understand the complexities of the country, any obstacles to success, cultural differences and the human interaction required between local business and potential international partners. We will work with you to identify a project plan that utilises our local in-depth knowledge and key contacts within the Libyan commercial market place.

Our Other Services

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