Williams calls for addressing dilapidated electrical infrastructure


Posted – 17th February 2021

The acting special representative of the Secretary-General for Libya, Stephanie Williams, said that unless steps are taken to address the dilapidated electrical infrastructure in Libya, it will collapse by the summer, as the country suffers a combination of this grinding conflict, divisions and the complete breakdown of infrastructure.

According to Washington Post, Williams said that many reasons drove the conflict in Libya, among of them is the decision Libyans took on political isolation, the inability to exert the monopoly of state arms somehow, and the proliferation of the militias, likening the situation in Libya to what happened in Iraq in 2003.

She stressed that it’s time for foreign elements to depart Libya, adding that “just because the deadline has passed doesn’t make it any less of a legitimate demand on the part of the Libyans, or any less binding on those countries, organizations and companies who send these guys in. They need to go.” 

“Libyans are exhausted. They somehow want to reclaim their sovereignty, they want to unify their institutions, and they really want elections. All the polling is consistent on elections — 70 to over 80 per cent want elections,” she said.”

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