UNSMIL Libya International Economic Working Group express concern over electricity sector, anti-Covid-19 effort, late payment of salaries and NOC financing – call for HoR to convene to endorse GNU


Posted – 06th March 2021

The Co-chairs of the International Follow-up Committee on Libya (IFCL) Economic Working Group (EU, Egypt, US), with the UN Support Mission to Libya (UNSMIL), expressed their concern yesterday regarding the situation in Libya’s electricity sector. Without a swift allocation of funding to undertake urgent repairs, the electricity situation could worsen from early summer 2021, they warned.

The Economic Working Group co-chairs noted that there are multiple other areas where the allocation of funding is urgent, including the fight against COVID-19, the payment of salaries of public employees, and financing to keep the National Oil Corporation operational.

The current situation calls for leadership from all sides to ensure that the needs of the Libyan people are at the centre of the political debate, they added. They encouraged all relevant Libyan decision-makers to collaborate in good faith to ensure that the necessary spending decisions can be taken urgently and effectively at this critical moment.

While the basic functions of the state must be addressed now, it is critically important that the House of Representatives convenes on 8 March to consider the vote of confidence to the Government proposed by Prime-Minister designate Abd Alhamid Aldabaiba, so to address the many urgent issues facing the country, they concluded.

LIBYA HERALD – Sami Zaptia

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