UNSMIL announces list of candidates for positions in the Presidency Council and Prime Minister


Posted – 30th January 2021

Following the closing of the one-week period on 28 January for the submission of nominations for the executive authority positions, UNSMIL today announced the list of candidates for the Presidency Council and Prime Minister positions.

The winners will run another temporary interim administration with a narrow brief to prepare the country for the constitutionally-based 24 December elections. This means they must organize a referendum on the draft constitution before the elections for a fully empowered government. That would be the first such government since the 2011 revolution that overthrew the Qaddafi regime.

UNSMIL said it extends its heartfelt appreciation for the efforts of the three-person verification committee, drawn from the membership of the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum (LPDF), to review the candidates’ applications in line with the eligibility criteria consensually agreed upon by the LPDF in Tunis.

Declaration of wealth

It reported that all candidates pledged to respect the LPDF Roadmap with regard to the preparatory period paving the way for the holding of national elections on December 24, 2021.  The candidates also pledged that should they be selected for the executive authority, they will present to the relevant oversight authorities a declaration of their own movable and immovable assets inside and outside of Libya, as well as those of their spouses and minor children.

Candidates legally undertake not to stand on 24 December elections

They further pledged not to put themselves forward for elections at the end of the preparatory period and signed a legally-binding affidavit confirming their conformity to the existing Libyan nationality law.  With regard to candidates drawn from the military or judiciary authorities, the verification committee stipulated that their candidacies should conform with existing Libyan laws and regulations.  Following its review of the matter but noting that this is a Libyan-owned process, it is the Mission’s position that these candidates should comply fully with the relevant laws and regulations with regard to engaging in political activities or running for political office.

Voting in Switzerland from 1-5 February

UNSMIL will convene the full Libyan Political Dialogue Forum in Switzerland from 1 to 5 February for the voting process for the new temporary unified executive.

Virtual hustings

During the course of this meeting, the UNSMIL will invite all candidates for an interactive session with the LPDF members to allow the candidates the opportunity to lay out their vision on implementing the Roadmap agreed upon by the LPDF, as well as to respond to questions posed by the LPDF members.  In the lead-up to the interactive sessions with the candidates and in the spirit of transparency and inclusivity, the Mission will conduct a Digital Dialogue with the Libyan public to collect questions that will be presented to the candidates.  These interactive sessions will be made available to the Libyan public.

Candidates for the Presidency Council (originally in Arabic alphabetical order) are:

  1. Idriss Suleiman Ahmed Al-Qaed
  2. Osama Juwaili
  3. Asaad Mohsen Zhaiou
  4. Khaled Al-Saeeh
  5. Khaled Ammar Al-Mishri
  6. Salama Ibrahim Al-Ghweil
  7. Suleiman Asweiker Awad
  8. Al-Sharif Al-Wafi
  9. Salahuddin Al-Namroush
  10. Tarek Abdallah Al-Ashtar
  11. Abdul Rahman Mohammed Abu Al-Qassem Al-Balazi
  12. Abdul Raheem Ali Mohammed Al-Shibani
  13. Abdullah Hussein Al-Lafi
  14. Abdul Majeed Ghaith Seif Al-Nasr
  15. Agila Saleh Qwaider
  16. Ali Abu Al-Hojob
  17. Ali Mahmoud Bukheirallah
  18. Omar Mahdi Aboushrida
  19. Majida Wefti
  20. Mohammed Al-Qammoudi Al-Hafi
  21. Mohammed Hassan Sleiman Al-Bargathi
  22. Mohamad Menfi
  23. Mustafa Abdulhamid Dallaf
  24. Mossa Al-Koni


Candidates for the Position of Prime Minister (originally in Arabic alphabetical order) are:

  1. Amal Jarray
  2. Ahmed Omar Ahmed Meitig
  3. Osama Al-Sayd
  4. Eman Kishir
  5. Jamal Abu Bakr Omran Abughrein
  6. Al-Hermein Mohammed Al-Hermein
  7. Khaled Mohammed Abdullah Ghweil
  8. Daou Abdullah Abu Duwaiha
  9. Atef Miloud Al-Hassia
  10. Abdul Hamid Mohammed Dbeibeh
  11. Abdul Rahim Mokhtar Al-Montaser
  12. Abdul Razak Ahmad Abdul Qadir
  13. Othman Abdul Jaleel Mohammed
  14. Fathallah Hussein Abdul Karim Mohammed
  15. Fathi Ali Abdul Salam Bashagha
  16. Fadeel Al-Amin
  17. Mohammed Al-Ansari
  18. Mohammed Abdul Lateef Al-Montaser
  19. Mohammed Muin Mansour Al-Kikhia
  20. Mouftah Hamadi
  21. Hisham Abdullah Abu Shweikat


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