The Italian-Libyan Business Development Association announces the First Economic Forum for Libya, Tunis 7-8 June 2021


Posted – 22nd April 2021

The Italian-Libyan Business Development Association (ILBDA) announced the holding of the First Economic Forum for Libya in Tunis on 7 and 8 June.

Under the banner “Together We Go Further”, the ILBDA said the event will be dedicated to business development for the pursuit of reconstructing Libya and will convene institutions, municipalities, entities, companies, and entrepreneurs from Italy, Libya, and Tunisia, looking for strategic commercial, financial and technological alliances.

Through meetings and presentations, the Forum aims to exchange ideas, opportunities and experiences, strengthening relations between participants and creating new joint ventures in Libya’s reconstruction process.

The ILBDA said participating companies will have the opportunity at the event to meet decision-makers and institutions, companies, and possible partners, by participating in B2B meetings in their sector.

Participants will include leading companies in the sectors of energy and renewable energy, aeronautics, nautical, healthcare, training, design, electronics, mechanics, electrical components, biotechnology, chemistry, environment, construction, building materials, steel and wood, large-scale distribution, communication, advertising, agri-food industries, agriculture, automotive, mechanics, metallurgy, manufacturing, sports, entertainment, culture, tourism, textiles and clothing, transport and logistics.

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the organizers say only 100 companies will be allowed to attend the event.

LIBYA HERALD – Sami Zaptia

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