Sources: Dabeiba will not wait for the House of Representatives to adopt the national budget


Posted – 08th June 2021

Inside sources close to the Prime Minister claim that he will not wait for the Parliament to approve the budget, insisting that the GNU could move forward without approval from the parliament

According to a source close to Abdelhamid Dabeiba, the head of the Government of National Unity, the Prime Minister had become convinced that the House of Representatives’ obstruction and provocation were intended to defeat and remove the Government of National Unity.

The source added to Ean Libya news outlet, the Prime Minister, in collaboration with the Presidential Council, would advance his Government’s objectives by utilizing a text agreed in the political agreement on financial arrangements and thus may propose a budget for the year 2021.

The source, who requested anonymity because he was not allowed to make a statement, finished by adding that if the House of Representatives adopted the budget, required budgetary modifications may be made this year, given the HoR’s five-year absence from budget adoption.

The House of Representatives had its formal session in Tobruk on 25 May, presided by First Vice-President Fawzi Al-Nuairi and attended by Second Deputy Hamid Hameem.

According to Abdallah Blayhak, the then-Speaker of the House of Representatives, the Council continued its talks and debates on the draft State budget for 2021, thereby suspending the meeting. The date of the next meeting has not yet been determined.


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