Sanallah discusses with Schlumberger the establishment of a training center in Benghazi


July 2020 – The Chairman of the National Oil Corporation (NOC), Mustafa Sanallah asked the Schlumberger Company to facilitate and complete the development of a training center in Benghazi, in accordance with previous MoUs.

This came during a meeting in London with Schlumberger officials during which they discussed the possibility of holding several workshops in Benghazi, focusing on training Libyans to allow them access to relevant modern technologies in its field of expertise.

Sanallah called on the company to cooperate and communicate with Benghazi-based Al -Jouf Oil Technology Company to establish partnership programs in certain businesses, and to provide training and qualifications for many of its technical workers.

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By Rabia Golden









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well done to you all for succeeding in such difficult circumstances, fixing the economy is a critical part of the rebuilding of Libya 👍

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These are not militias these are out of control youths, in any normal society police or the security services would deal with them, but... these youths know nothing else, you’re right, re-education, discipline and a chance at a future are all esssential

Saddik Mohamed@Saddiktweets

Demobilization ,Disarmanent & Reintegration must be activated before this guy grows up !!🤗

A generation that knows little else!

According to several UN reports, the militias in Libya today look more like cartels, each defending its own interests and seeking to steal the state’s revenues while taking advantage of its weakness and widespread corruption.

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