Public Projects Authority launches projects follow-up platform


Posted – 14th April 2021

Libya’s Public Projects Authority has launched its online projects platform. The interactive platform allows for follow-up and reporting on the status of the countries multi-billion construction projects.

The Authority reported that the dashboard contains detailed data for contracted projects in all sectors in the form of graphs that are easy to read, follow, filter and compare.

These include:

  • The implementing agency
  • Its nationality
  • Contract date
  • Contract value
  • Technical completion rates
  • Financial completion rates
  • Completed projects
  • Ongoing projects
  • Stalled projects
  • Projects by region
  • Projects by sector
  • KPI’s
  • The ten largest projects in terms of contractual value in every sector and region
  • The ten largest contracting companies in every sector and region


The Public Projects Authority says the platform will help decision-makers to understand  the workflow of projects and to make timely, appropriate and sound decisions.

LIBYA HERALD – Sami Zaptia

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