PM Aldabaiba speaks to Bloomberg on elections, foreign intervention, Saif Qaddafi, Hafter, departure of mercenaries, foreign investment and replacing Sanalla


Posted – 24th August 2021

Prime Minister Abd Al hamid Aldabaiba was interviewed yesterday by Bloomberg. Here is a summary of the interview:

On elections, foreign intervention and return to war

  • International interventions, and the interventions of military regimes may create obstacles to holding elections, and Libya will not return to war.
  • We pledge to hold the elections on time, and that is the most important task assigned to our government.

On Saif Qaddafi standing for elections

  • Saif Gaddafi is a citizen and the son of an important tribe, and I have no objection to the nomination of any citizen who does not have legal problems.

On Hafter

  • I only contacted indirectly with Haftar when I started as prime minister to resolve issues, including the prisoner exchange.
  • Haftar’s recent speeches were not encouraging to us, and I would not object to meeting him if he recognized me as Prime Minister and Minister of Defence.

Departure of mercenaries from Libya

  • We have made progress towards agreeing to exit of the mercenaries, and we cannot be certain that they will leave within a month or two, but they will leave in the end.

Weapons into Libya

  • There is a significant decrease in weapons brought into Libya.

Oil and gas conferences in Texas and Tripoli will offer investments

  • Libya will offer investment projects in two oil and gas conferences at the end of the year, one in Texas and the other in Tripoli.
  • We received offers from Italy’s Eni to invest 10 billion dollars in various oil fields.
  • We also received offers from France’s Total, which has an investment budget in Libya of more than two billion dollars.

Replacing Sanalla as head of NOC is under consideration

  • I have not yet considered changing the head of the National Oil Corporation, Mustafa Sanalla, as suggested by the Minister of Oil.
  • Sanalla may change and may remain, everything is possible, and changes will be made, but not in the form requested by the Minister of Oil.


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