Oil Minister: Within 2-3 years, we will be producing 2 million barrels per day


Posted – 11th May 2021

Libya’s Oil and Gas Minister, Mohamed Oun, stated that as the country stabilizes, it will take two to three years for Libya to raise its average oil production levels to 2 million barrels per day.

Things settled as soon as Libya emerged from the conflict and the Government of National Unity (GNU) took over, according to Oun. This is when they began improving previous exploration ventures and began work on maintaining operational wells, surface equipment, and pipelines.

“Each of these steps contribute to the possibility of increasing production,” the Minister continued, “but they need funding, management, and work companies, which must ensure the country’s protection in all regions and the absence of security problems.”

“Through sound attempts and decisions, we will achieve high accountability and opportunity for all Libyans,” Oun said. The country is awash in accessible resources, and all that is needed now is sound management and political will to introduce megaprojects that will lift the country out of its crisis and enable all Libyans to function and live decently.”

He emphasized that oil sector appointments are part of a process that is subject to the evaluations of those in charge of these sectors. “I urge all Libyans to look at Libya as a single unit,” he said, adding that work in Libya is open to all Libyans, regardless of where they live.


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