NOC holds London meetings with Petrofac, Schlumberger and EniProgetti to discuss projects


July 2020 – Senior National Oil Corporation (NOC) delegation, led by its chairman Mustafa Sanalla, held what it called ‘‘several important technical meetings’’ in London with Petrofac, Schlumberger and EniProgetti, the NOC reported yesterday.

The NOC said that these meetings, which will take place between 25 and 26 July, are related to Waha Oil Company projects and offshore works in the structures A and E in the Bahr Essalam project.

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These are not militias these are out of control youths, in any normal society police or the security services would deal with them, but... these youths know nothing else, you’re right, re-education, discipline and a chance at a future are all esssential

Saddik Mohamed@Saddiktweets

Demobilization ,Disarmanent & Reintegration must be activated before this guy grows up !!🤗

A generation that knows little else!

According to several UN reports, the militias in Libya today look more like cartels, each defending its own interests and seeking to steal the state’s revenues while taking advantage of its weakness and widespread corruption.

Seems crazy that we can sanction fuel smugglers but can't take out the people smugglers... strange values we have!

US sanctions Libya smuggling network and pushes for negotiated settlement to conflict - The National

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