NOC and Schlumberger to establish Benghazi training centre


July 2019 – Libya’s state National Oil Corporation (NOC) announced on Tuesday that as part of its focus on upskilling the next generation of oil sector workers, it has signed a Memorandum of Understanding on Monday, July 15, 2019, with “the world’s leading oilfield services provider” Schlumberger, to establish a specialised training and development centre in Benghazi.

The NOC said that the centre will concentrate on professional excellence in exploration, drilling and petroleum engineering, and will be be equipped with the latest high-tech equipment to develop qualified technical staff necessary to sustain Libya’s oil sector.

It revealed that development programmes will deliver on-the-job training and aim to upskill key engineering competencies to improve production rates, operational efficiency, and workplace safety.

It said that courses will prioritise the teaching of additional recovery methods, innovative directional drilling and fracturing techniques, as well as the development of shale oil reserves.

NOC further revealed that Schlumberger has also offered to host Libyan engineers and technicians through on-work training programmes across the company’s worldwide operations.

The agreement was signed during a visit to Schlumberger’s London headquarters by NOC chairman Mustafa Sanalla.

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