Mitig: Financial division in Libya has ended


Posted – 09th March 2021

The deputy head of the Government of National Accord’s Presidential Council, Ahmed Mitig, welcomed Sunday the “end of financial division between the Ministry of Finance at the GNA and east-based Interim Government after the GNA’s Ministry had sent salary payments’ orders for all public employees across the country to the Central Bank of Libya (CBL).”

Mitig said this “development is the first step toward unifying all state institutions after the Ministry of Finance sent payment orders for January and February salaries for all public employees to the CBL operations department before going to state institutions’ accounts to be paid to about 1.8 million employees.

On February 08, the UN Support Mission in Libya said the Libyan parties had agreed on a two-month budget and resolutions for the banking crisis, saying its good offices and those of international financial organizations and the economic team established by Berlin Conference helped broker the agreements.

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