Malta to open Libya Consulate in weeks – visas, residency permits, flights, bank accounts, seized dinars discussed


Posted – 25th February 2021

Malta’s Minister for Foreign and European Affairs, Evarist Bartolo, held what was reported to be a very positive conversation with the designate Prime Minister of Libya Abd Alhamid Aldabaiba, according to a post by its Ambassador to Libya, Charles Saliba.

According to a statement issued by the Maltese government referred to in post, Abdul Hamid Aldabaiba was said to have acknowledged that Malta has always offered friendship and help to the Libyan people and the Maltese people are regarded as friends. At this crucial time, however, he expressed hope that Malta will offer more support.

Minister Bartolo explained that work on opening a Maltese Consulate in Tripoli is at a very advanced stage as well as that of opening, once again, the Embassy in Libya. The Minister stated that the Maltese representative offices should be fully functioning in the coming weeks.

The Minister also said that the country will also be addressing the problem regarding visas and residence permits to ensure that undue delays and hardships for Libyans will be avoided.

Aldabaiba mentioned the need for the resumption of flights between Libya and Malta. This issue is being addressed and Malta will be guided by the EU Authorities, the statement said.

The two discussed the steps that need to be taken to facilitate the opening of bank accounts for Libyans in Malta, provided that all international financial regulations are observed. On the Libyan Dinars held by Malta, Minister Bartolo explained that Malta would be willing to hand them over once the United Nations gives its approval and the money goes to a united financial institution for the benefit of all Libyans.

Minister Bartolo also explained how Malta is working with UNSMIL and the EU to have a united Libya run by Libyans in peace and prosperity.

Aldabaiba stated that he would be inviting Prime Minister Robert Abela to Libya to discuss further bilateral issues, as soon as his new Government of National Unity (GNU) is confirmed.

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