LPTIC considers cooperation with British companies in future telecommunications projects


Posted – 17th March 2021

A meeting was held yesterday between the Chairman of the Libyan Post Telecommunications & Information Technology Company (LPTIC), Faisel Gergab and Lydie Sheehan, the Country Director for British Trade Relations in Libya and Tunisia.

The LPTIC reported that the meeting discussed ”the importance of cooperation between the two countries in the field of telecommunications and technology and the opening of new horizons for development and investment in the sector in Libya. The meeting also discussed how British telecommunication companies can contribute to LPTIC’s strategic plan and future projects”.

It also reported that at the meeting, ”both parties reviewed the active role that LPTIC and its subsidiaries play in developing the telecommunication sector in Libya”.

Faisel Gergab, stated, “That LPTIC seeks to benefit from British companies’ expertise to develop the telecommunication sector and expand investments in the country in line with the company’s 2021-2023 strategic plan.”

Lydie Sheehan expressed her country’s desire to strengthen cooperation through establishing commercial partnerships with Libya and endeavours that British Companies will invest in the telecommunication and technology sector in Libya.

Perception of poor quality of service

It must be recalled that there is a general perception in Libya that the state telecoms sector is providing poor quality service at relatively high prices – despite or because of its monopolistic position. Over the last 10 years, since the 2011 revolution, internet service has been poor as the telecoms service providers have failed to keep up with the quality of service provided in peer countries such as Tunisia.

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