LPDF’s Legal Committee to present report on interim constitutional basis


Posted – 18th April 2021

The member of the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum (LPDF), Abdelkader Al-Huwaili, said the replacement of UNSMIL officials and Head had negatively affected the political dialogue track as well as the work of the Legal and Constitutional Committees.

Jan Kubis took office as new UNSMIL Head and UN envoy to Libya last February replacing the Acting Head Stephanie Williams who oversaw the LPDF that resulted in forming an interim executive authority.

Al-Huwaili said the Legal Committee is preparing the presentation of its report on the interim constitutional basis for general elections this week, as they are awaiting the endorsement of the Constitutional Committee outcomes by the House of Representatives.

He added that it was normal that the members of the Legal Committee had different viewpoints, which will be sent to the LPDF for voting, adding that the most important issue of argument is whether to elect the president of Libya directly by the Libyan people or by the House of Representatives.

He said the call of the UN Security Council for establishing a legal and constitutional basis for elections in Libya was very good but remained “loose, not abiding”.

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