Posted – 12th March 2021


  1. Deputy Prime Minister – Hussein Atiya Abdul Hafeez Al-Qatrani (east).
  2. Deputy Prime Minister – Ramadan Ahmed Boujenah (south).
  3. Minister of Agriculture – Hamad Abdul-Razzaq Taher Al-Marimi
  4. Minister of Financial Resources – Tariq Abdel Salam Mustafa Abu Flika
  5. Minister of Livestock and Marine Resources – Tawfiq Saeed Moftah Al-Dorsi
  6. Minister of Sports – Abdul Shafi` Hussein Muhammad Al-Juifi
  7. Minister of Planning – Kamel Braik Al-Hassi
  8. Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation – Najla Mangoush
  9. Minister of Health – Ali Muhammad Miftah Al-Zinati
  10. Minister of Education – Musa Muhammad al-Maqrif
  11. Minister of Tourism and Handicrafts – Abd Al-Salam Abdullah Al-Lahi-Tiki
  12. Minister of Interior – Khaled Tijani Mazen
  13. Minister of Environment – Ibrahim Al-Arabi Mounir
  14. Minister of Labour and Rehabilitation – Ali Al-Abed Al-Reda Abu Azoum
  15. Minister of Social Affairs – Wafaa Abu Bakr Muhammad al-Kilani
  16. Minister of Culture and Knowledge Development – Mabrouka Othman Oki
  17. Minister of Defence – Not filled at this time
  18. Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research – Imran Muhammad Abdul Nabi Al-Qeeb
  19. Minister of Technical and Vocational Education – Saeed Sifaw
  20. Minister of Industry and Minerals – Ahmed Ali Muhammad Omar
  21. Minister of Justice – Halima Ibrahim Abdel Rahman
  22. Minister of Civil Service – Abdul Fattah Saleh Muhammad Al-Khawja
  23. Minister of Transportation – Muhammad Salem Al-Shahoubi
  24. Minister of Housing and Construction – Zuhair Ahmed Mahmoud
  25. Minister of Local Government – Badr Al-Din Al-Sadiq Al-Toumi
  26. Minister of Youth – Fathallah Abd al-Latif Al-Zani
  27. Minister of Economy and Trade – Omar Ali Al-Ajili
  28. Minister of Oil and Gas – Muhammad Ahmad Muhammad Aoun
  29. Minister of Finance – Khaled Al-Mabrouk Abdullah
  30. Minister of State for Displaced Affairs and Human Rights – Ahmed Faraj Mahjoub Abu Khuzam
  31. Minister of State for Communication and Political Affairs – Walid Ammar Muhammad Ammar Al-Lafi
  32. Minister of State for Immigration Affairs – Ijdid Maatouk Jadeed
  33. Minister of State for Prime Minister and Cabinet Affairs – Adel Jumaa Amer
  34. Minister of State for Women Affairs – Houria Khalifa Miloud
  35. Minister of State for Economic Affairs – Salama Ibrahim Al-Ghwail



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