Libya’s next parliament session to be held Monday in Tobruk


Posted – 14th March 2021

The coming session of the Libyan House of Representatives will be held in Tobruk on Monday,  instead of Benghazi for logistical reasons, the parliament’s spokesman, Abdullah Belhaq was quoted by the Afrigate News as saying on Friday.

Members of Libya’s new cabinet are set to take the constitutional oath in the parliament’s session on Monday. 

In March 10, the Libyan parliament granted confidence to the new government as Prime Minister-designate of the new Government of National Unity (GNU), Abdul Hamid Dbeibeh, pledged to work to achieve national reconciliation in Libya. He stressed that Libya should be a single, undivided unit. “With unity, we will deliver Libya to safety.”

Dbeibah was accused of offering bribes to participants in the political dialogue conference, which was held in Tunis in November 2020, to vote for him, according to a report by UN experts. The report raised a state of confusion in the Libyan political scene, amid calls to postpone the session of granting confidence to the recent government until investigations are concluded.

Meanwhile, Libyan Prime Minister-designate confirmed, in a recorded speech, he addressed to members of the Libyan Parliament before the session of the Council, he would work to solve economic and health problems, stressing that the interest of Libya should prevail over private accounts.

On 7 March, Dbeibah handed over the recent formation of the new government to the Presidency of the Libyan Parliament.

On February 6, 2020, the Libyan delegates at the UN-facilitated talks had chosen Dbaiba as transitional prime minister, along with a three-member presidency council, to govern the war-ravaged North African country until December elections, Al Arabiya news channel reported.

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