Libya’s Foreign Minister attends Beijing’s Forum on China-Africa Cooperation


une 2019.

  – The Libyan Foreign Minister Mohammed Sayala attended Tuesday the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation in Beijing.

Sayala said that the countries of the North African region think highly of boosting cooperation with China, which was also reiterated in the last Beijing’s forum.

He also said that the region is willing to implement the recommendations of the forum in all fields to achieve the targeted partnership between China and Africa.

“We have created national projects to follow up on the Beijing’s forum results so all government sectors contributed to the potential China-Africa cooperation.” Sayala added.

Sayala headed Libya’s delegation to Group 5+5 meetings in France.

He met with the Italian Foreign Minister Enzo Milanesi in Marseille, France, on the margins of Group 5+5 meetings and discussed the ongoing war on Tripoli by Khalifa Haftar’s forces, telling the Italian minister that the Presidential Council’s government aims to build a civilian state where Libyans can decide on their future leaders through elections.


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Fantastic news, let’s hope it becomes reality!

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Let’s hope this has some positive outcomes!

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So many meetings with so little outcome... I have never ever come across such an ineffective and futile leadership. No wonder the genuine good people of Libya despair!


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