Libya’s eastern Ministry of Agriculture and Libyan-Norwegian joint venture Fertilizer Company sign cooperation agreement


February 2020 –

Libya’s eastern-based Ministry of Agriculture signed a cooperation agreement with the Libyan-Norwegian Fertilizer Company “Lifeco”, based in Marsa Brega, last Friday.

The agreement, the eastern-based state LANA news agency reported, was signed at the Agricultural Bank’s headquarters in Benghazi. It comes in the framework of considering farm conditions at the present time and facilitating the supply of urea fertilizer at affordable prices.

The agreement also considered the possibility of supplying 50,000 tons of locally manufactured urea fertilizer for the local market at LD 550 per ton for distribution to all the agriculture sector in the municipalities during the 2020/21 agricultural season.

The agreement is seen as a good step for the sector and farmers, preventing the black market from exploiting farm conditions.

It will be recalled that this agreement had been agreed with the eastern-based Libyan ‘‘Prime Minister’’ Abdalla Thinni in January as part of improving food security in Libya

The Lifco is the only fertilizer producer in Libya.

Reporting by:     Libya Herald


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