Libyan government’s weekly press conference summary


Posted – 5th April 2021

At its now regular weekly Thursday press conference, the new unified Libyan government Spokesperson, Mohamed Hamuda said:

  • All decisions/decrees issued by the outgoing Tripoli based Faiez Serraj administration and the eastern based Abdalla Thinni government issued after the current government had been granted confidence by parliament were null and void.


  • We hope that Parliament will speed up the adoption of the budget, so that the government can keep to its commitments.


  • Several measures and urgent measures have been taken to support low-income people.


  • A sum of money (LD 977 million) was allocated to support the General Electricity Company of Libya (GECOL) to overcome all obstacles to increasing power generation to make up the deficit. GECOL has been authorizes to ‘‘contract directly’’ with local and international companies to supply their necessary needs.


  • The decision to lift fuel subsidies is still under consideration by the formed committee.


  • The issue of Libyan sovereignty is a clear policy and is not subject to any prejudice or discussion, and the Prime Minister stressed it on more than one occasion.
LIBYA HERALD – Sami Zaptia
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