Libya evaluates oil project bids


Posted – 31st January 2021

Zallaf Oil Company is developing an early production facility with a capacity of 10,000 barrels a day

Libya’s state-owned Zallaf Oil Company is evaluating bids for an upstream early production facility (EPF) project estimated to be worth between $25m and $30m, according to industry sources.

Several contractors have already submitted bids for the contract.

These include the Dubai-based independent oilfield service company OilServ.

Zallaf is intending to develop and construct its Early Production Facility (EPF) Plant in Block NC-200.

The EPF processing train will have a capacity of 10,000 barrels a day (b/d).

The scope of the project includes:

  • First stage separator
  • Second stage separator (degasser)
  • Electrostatic coalesce (dehydrator)
  • 20,000-barrel capacity (wash/surge) tank with gas boot
  • Booster and export pumps
  • Knock out drum and flare stack
  • Water Evaporation pit

Zallaf is an exploration and production oil and gas company and was established in Libya in 2013. It is 100 per cent owned by Libya’s National Oil Corporation (NOC).


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