Libya: EU Ambassador continues consultations with Libyan leaders


Posted – 01st February 2021

After a series of meetings in Benghazi, EU Ambassador José Sabadell and his team continued consultations in Tripoli on the economic situation in Libya. He met Foreign Minister Mohamed Siala, reassuring the Minister of the European Union’s readiness to reinforce cooperation with Libya to help address its peoples’ basic needs. The Minister and the Ambassador further discussed the ongoing developments in the political process, as well as the planned elections and potential EU support in this regard.

Ambassador Sabadell also met with Minister of Finance Faraj Boumtari, who outlined his ministry’s plans to step up training of public executives, measures to improve transparency of public spending and investment priorities to create jobs in Libya.

In a meeting with the Chairman of the National Oil Corporation (NOC), Mustafa Sanalla, Ambassador Sabadell discussed the need for a transparent and fair management of oil revenues, the need for modernising security of oil facilities, as well as the importance of infrastructure investment to ensure continued oil production in support of Libya’s swift economic recovery.


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