Libya: Dbeibeh cancels all decisions of National Accord Government and interim government


Posted – 5th April 2021

CAIRO –3 April 2020: On Thursday, the Government of National Unity in Libya announced the cancellation of all decisions and procedures issued after March 10 by the Governments of the National Accord(GNA), the Interim Government, and their bodies; the date on which they won the confidence of the House of Representatives.
These decisions, taken by some members of the two governments, brought about changes in public institutions and interests, in a move considered by the new government as a violation of the administrative powers of the transitional period.
Earlier, Libya’s Prime Minister Abdulhamid Dbeibeh ordered the suspension of the meetings of the boards of trustees of investment institutions and the general assemblies of public companies “temporarily” until further notice.
The Prime Minister considered that the decisions issued by public institutions and companies from the date of granting confidence to the unity government are null.


According to the outcomes of the Libyan Political Forum, all the powers of the executive authority are transferred to the new Presidential Council and the Government of National Unity, from the date the parliament grants confidence to the new government, meaning all the powers of the executive authority expire from that date.
The new Libyan government took office more than two weeks ago, and has already begun to abandon some of the decisions of the outgoing Government of National Accord, as it canceled the mandate of the Coronavirus Crisis Management Committee due to suspicions in administrative corruption and formed a new committee.
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