Libya and Egypt agree numerous ways to increase economic cooperation, including establishing an industrial zone


Posted – 23rd April 2021

Libya and Egypt agreed numerous ways to increase economic cooperation. This came during a meeting between Libya’s Economy and Trade and Industry Ministers with the Egyptian Minister of Trade and Industry.

The meeting was held on the side-lines of the visit of the Egyptian Prime Minister to Tripoli on Tuesday.

The meeting discussed enhancing cooperation between the two countries through:

  • Starting to develop and activate agreements in the economic fields.
  • Encouraging investment and work.
  • Organizing exhibitions and international markets.
  • Preparing for the convening of the Joint Libyan-Egyptian Committee.
  • Holding joint exhibitions in a number of Libyan cities.
  • Organizing a forum for Libyan and Egyptian business leaders.
  • Increasing the volume of trade exchange between the two countries.
  • Organizing an exhibition in Benghazi for Egyptian products.
  • Establishing an industrial zone between the two countries.
  • Facilitating Egyptian labour procedures into Libya.
  • Facilitating entry procedures for citizens into the two countries.
  • Developing the Emsaed Libyan-Egyptian border crossing.
  • Establishing a Libyan-Egyptian Chamber of Commerce to support trade exchange, naming its members, and call for it to hold a meeting as soon as possible.
  • Addressing the problems and difficulties facing Libyan investors and residents in Egypt.
  • Forming an economic committee to follow up the implementation of what has been agreed upon.
LIBYA HERALD – Sami Zaptia
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