Italy to increase cooperation between Benghazi university and their Italian counterparts


Posted – 07th August 2021

Italy is to increase cooperation between Benghazi University and their Italian counterparts.

The revelation came yesterday after a meeting between the President of the University of Benghazi, Ezzedine Al-Darsi, and the Italian Consul, Carlo Batori, at the university campus.

The two parties discussed some of the difficulties faced by the students of the Italian Language Department at the university, including the lack of faculty members and some library requirements in the department.

For his part, the Benghazi University reported that the Italian Consul suggested his country’s intention to seek to:

  • Send teaching assistants from the Italian Language Department to Italy to prepare for Masters degrees.
  • Support the department’s library.
  • Enhance cooperation.
  • Implement future cooperative projects in partnership with three Italian universities with the University of Benghazi, through the signing of joint agreements between the two sides.

The meeting was attended by the Vice Dean for Scientific Affairs, Dean of the College of Law and Director of Quality Assurance Department at the university.

LIBYA HERALD – Sami Zaptia

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