Investment Map for the south will include refinery, free zones, dates packing and solar energy


Posted – 13th May 2021

The Investment Map for the south of Libya will include the new refinery, free zones, dates packing and solar energy projects.

The revelation came during a meeting by the Minister of Economy Mohamed Hwej with representatives of the south to discuss the situation in the region and means of economic development.

The Minister confirmed that the Ministry is working to activate its office in the southern region and start implementing the Investment Map in the region aimed at activating the decisions of establishing free zones in southern Libya and pivot irrigation agricultural projects.

The Map will also grant investment opportunities to establish dates packing factories according to approved specifications in order to obtain export opportunities and open international markets.

Priority will also be granted to implement projects that depend on raw materials available in the municipalities of southern Libya, which the Ministry said is rich in natural resources.

The Minister also indicated that the government is working to take the necessary measures and procedures to establish and activate the planned Murzug Refinery project through the Ministry of Oil and the National Oil Corporation, as well as the implementation of a number of other projects for the maintenance and development of infrastructure in the region in the electricity and transportation sectors, and the exploitation of the Sahara region to implement solar energy projects in partnership with the local and foreign private sector.

LIBYA HERALD – Sami Zaptia

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