Head of Audit Bureau vows to solve US firms’ problems in Libya


July 2019 – The Head of the Libyan Audit Bureau Ahmed Shakshak met with the members of the American Libyan Work Committee at the Libyan embassy in Washington in the presence of ambassador Wafaa Bugagais and a representative for the US State Department.

The meeting discussed the challenges facing American firms in Libya with Shakshak hailing the committee’s role in motivating US firms to invest in Libya.

“The Audit Bureau has taken note of the complaints of the firms that have issues in Libya and reassured that their rights are kept safe. It has also said that state institutions would create good conditions for the firms to resume their work in Libya.” The Audit Bureau said in a statement.

The Head of the American Libyan Work Committee expressed the desire of the firms to resume work in Libya and to expand their contracts, hailing the Libyan embassy and Audit Bureau’s role in setting up the meeting for discussions.

Meanwhile, Shakshak met with the US Development Agency and reviewed cooperation with Libya in training the bureau’s cadres among other things.

The meetings came on the sidelines of the Audit Bureau’s participation at a New York conference for sustainable development goals’ control on July 22-23.

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Fantastic news, let’s hope it becomes reality!

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Let’s hope this has some positive outcomes!

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So many meetings with so little outcome... I have never ever come across such an ineffective and futile leadership. No wonder the genuine good people of Libya despair!

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