GECOL: Ubari conversion plant reintroduced to the public grid


Posted – 18th April 2021

As a part of Libya’s General Electricity Company’s efforts to address the nation’s electricity crisis, Ubari conversion plant will be reintroduced to the public grid

Libya’s General Electricity Company (GECOL) announced that Ubari’s conversion plant was charged with 220 K.F and its introduction into the public grid.

In a post on its Facebook page, the company reported that the plant is part of the plans of the General Electricity Company to take advantage of the full power produced by the Ubari Station, where all four units will be connected to the grid and utilize the full power produced at a total capacity of 640 megawatts.

The electric company noted that the new conversion plant was an excellent addition to the State Electricity Company and to the entire southern region and a step forward to complete the Ubari plant with its entire annexes.

GECOL also recently introduced the third unit of the West Tripoli Gas Plant to the public grid with an estimated production capacity of 100 megawatts.

The ongoing efforts of the maintenance work and replacements being carried out by GECOL will mean that Libya’s notoriously long summer peak power outages might not be as long and as gruelling as they once were.

Libya’s newly appointed Government of National Unity’s Prime Minister, Abdul Hamid Debaiba announced during his first address that fixing the country’s electricity crisis will be one of his top priority, vowing to fix the issue within six months of his confirmation.


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