EU Ambassador Sabadell visits Benghazi


Posted – 29th January 2021

EU Ambassador Jose Sabadell held talks in Benghazi this week with the National Forces for Peace, the organisation for marginalised cities, and the head of the Supreme Council for Al-Zwiya Tribes, Sheikh al-Senussi al-Haleeg.

The EU reported yesterday that meeting participants expressed appreciation for the results achieved so far by the Berlin Process and stressed the need for national reconciliation.

It reported that all participants agreed that Libya is at a critical stage and in urgent need of a unity government. They reportedly said that focus should be on the swift organisation of elections, restoring basic services and starting reconstruction.

The EU also reported that there was strong demand for more cooperation with the EU on democratic and economic governance, as well as decentralisation and economic development.

LIBYA HERALD – Sami Zaptia

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