Efforts are underway to return foreign companies to Libya, GECOL says


July 2019 –

 The Chairman of the General Electricity Company of Libya (GECOL), Abdul Majeed Hamza disclosed that efforts are being made to return foreign companies to the country, in order to complete suspended projects that would generate more than 5000 megawatts.
Hamza confirmed that Libyan engineers and technicians were able to operate the fourth unit of Ubari station with crude oil, clarifying that the station will be ready to enter service in its full capacity next September and will help address the shortfall in the national grid.
Hamza told a news conference Sunday, at the Media Center of the Prime Minister’s Office, that the problem of power outages is nothing new as it usually happens during peak summer and winter seasons, explaining that the current power capacity is not enough to cover the citizen’s need in the mentioned periods.
“The amount of power available stands at 5000 megawatts, while the energy required exceeds 7000 megawatts,” Hamza added, explaining that most of the contracted stations in the past period are currently stalled, because of security conditions in Libya.
On the load-shedding issue, he emphasized that the step comes to maintain the public grid, confirming continuous communication with the government to assist the company in the implementation and financing of the plans and projects.
The GECOL called on all municipalities across Libya to cooperate with the company in reducing consumption, especially for public bodies and businesses during this period.

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