Dabeiba: The Electricity Company has let down the Libyan people


Posted – 08th August 2021

GNU Prime Minister criticized the work of the state electricity company and demands a solution to the electricity crisis in the country

Abdelhamid Dabeiba, Prime Minister of the Government of National Unity (GNU), met with the State Electricity Company (GECOL) Board of Directors to assess the state of the electricity system and devise immediate solutions to the country’s power outage catastrophe.

According to reports, Dabeiba criticized executives of the State Electricity Company “You failed me and the nation after I put my faith in you. You must address the issue of power outages.”

“The people still have urgent needs, and they perceive that you have done nothing to meet them, as shown by street and social media criticism.”

He said that the government had provided GECOL with countless opportunities, support, and funding, but that nothing had been implemented despite the company’s numerous promises.

He also underlined that, after water, power is a lifeline for Libyans, particularly during this year’s scorching heat, which has been unparalleled for years.


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