China Plan $5 Billion investment


Libya gets lion’s share of China investments in Africa.

 (October 2018)

 The head of the Federation of Libyan Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Mohammed Al-Raeid, said that China has allocated 5 billion dollars out of $ 20 billion of its investments in Africa to Libya.

“Libya is still considered a distinctive investment destination,” Al-Raeid said in a press statement on the sidelines of the Egyptian-Libyan Business Forum in Cairo Tuesday, noting that he had sensed a desire among the Chinese to expand their investments in Libya during his meetings and contacts with Chinese officials and businessmen.


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Fantastic news, let’s hope it becomes reality!

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Let’s hope this has some positive outcomes!

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So many meetings with so little outcome... I have never ever come across such an ineffective and futile leadership. No wonder the genuine good people of Libya despair!


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