Eastern Libyan government contracts Bank of Commerce and Development to build Benina airport terminal


September 2019 – The Interim Government of eastern Libya signed an agreement on Friday with the Bank of Commerce and Development, Libya’s first and largest private bank, to finance and construct a passenger terminal at Benina International Airport, the Libyan state news agency LANA reported.

The agreement is a BOT (build, operate, transfer) model valid for 25 years, after which the bank returns the airport to the Libyan state.

The terminal will be of ‘‘full specifications and international standards’’ in a 2.5-hectare plot of land allocated to the bank by the eastern government . . .

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Fantastic news, let’s hope it becomes reality!

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Let’s hope this has some positive outcomes!

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So many meetings with so little outcome... I have never ever come across such an ineffective and futile leadership. No wonder the genuine good people of Libya despair!

LIBYA NEWS AGENCY(lana) https://lana-news.ly/art.php?id=157843&lang=en&p=1

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