Bashagha says to visit eastern Libya to boost national reconciliation


Posted – 10th February 2021

The Interior Minister of the Government of National Accord (GNA) Fathi Bashagha said Tuesday he wanted to visit eastern region cities to boost efforts of national reconciliation, saying this issue is a responsibility for all Libyans and calling on all Libyan components to keep communication channels open. 

Bashagha added in a televised statement that Libya won in the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum, which he called Libyan-Libyan dialogue, and said he was ready to hand over power to the new interim government once it secured a vote of confidence from the Libyan House of Representatives.

He indicated that the new executive authority is a handover power that will pass power to the elected government after December 24 elections, urging for supporting the interim government to get the vote of confidence from the House of Representatives so it can lead Libya to the democratic event by the year’s end.

“Interior Ministry personnel managed to work effectively in a very tough and short time amid war and they gave hope to all Libyans.” Bashagha said, calling on security forces to continue their work regardless of the change of governments.

“I will continue to support the Interior Ministry even if I leave the Minister’s office. I urge all security forces to work for the country so it can remain secure and united.” Bashagha added.

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