Ba’ayo Issues Decision To Establish Libya Television And Radio Network


Posted – 04th February 2021

Tripoli, 3 February, 2021 (Lana) – Head Of The Libyan Media Foundation, Muhammad Omar Baiou, Issued A Decision To Establish A Libya TV And Radio Network.

According to the first article of the decision, the network includes all TV and Radio channels affiliated with the Libyan Media Foundation, funded by public finances within what is known as the public media, namely;

– Libya National Channel.

– Official Libya Channel .

– Libya Al Hayat Channel.

– Libya Youth Channel.

– Libyan Amazigh Channel.

– Al-Hidaya Channel.

– Libya Sports Channel.

– Libya English Channel.

– The Holy Quran Radio.

– Libya International Radio.

– Radio stations of the New Media Development Center, Radio Al Shorouk.

The Libyan TV and Radio Network “TAL” is managed by a provisional steering committee, until its organizational and administrative structure is completed. It consists of directors of Radio and TV channels.

The third article of the decision stipulates the termination of the previous administrative status of television and Radio channels, and all previous responsibilities of their directors shall be devolved to the steering committee of the Libyan TV and Radio Network.

The previous independent financial identity of the units joining the network shall devolve to the new Network.

According to the 4th and 5th articles of the decision, a unified budget will be drawn up for the network, and a unified bank account will be opened for it, and its head office will be in Tripoli, followed by main branches in Benghazi and Sabha, with offices where necessary, and its steering committee has the right to open external offices whenever necessary.

The head of the Libyan Media Foundation said in a statement to Lana that the decision to establish a “TAL” network aims to unify the management of the Libyan national media units, in order to end the phenomenon of what he described as ‘isolated islands’ the situation before the establishment of the institution and the establishment of the network, and to achieve integration between human capabilities and expertise and technical capabilities of these Channels and radio stations to improve performance.

In his statement, Ba’ayo revealed that the Libyan Media Foundation had also begun to establish the “Libyan Company for Media Production and Investment” to be the economic financing tool for the national media, in order to achieve the desired independence, end its full dependence on state funding, and provide it with the necessary resources for human and technical development.


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