Audit Bureau and electricity company begin preparations for summer peak


Posted – 04th March 2021

Head of Libya’s Audit Beuri Khalid Shaksakk held a meeting at the Bureau’s headquarters with the chairman of the General Electricity Company (GEC), Waem Al-Abdali and other high ranking members in the energy sector,

During the meeting, it was decided that the electricity company would submit a list by next Monday of urgent maintenance projects that would be ready before the next summer peak and contribute to the addition of at least 1,000 MW to the electrical grid to avoid the yearly outages that extend to more than 14 hours a day in some areas during the summer.

The list will contain the name of the project, the budget necessary to carry it out, the date of completion and the name of the company that will be implementing it.

The head of the bureau also tasked the general administration of monitoring performance in the energy sector with keeping up with the work and following up with the selected company to submit a formal proposal for the project before the deadline indicated.

Libya’s general electricity company earlier this week also announced the launch of maintenance work for the first gas unit at the Royce station in the Western Mountain, which was part of preparations for the next summer peak.

Due to lack of funds, civil conflicts and the continued robbery of electrical wires in the grid, Libya continues to struggle with shortages in electricity, which are increased during the summer due to the overload of usage by the public, leaving homes across the nation without electricity for 12-16 hours a day.

Libya’s Designate Prime-Minister Abdul Hamid Debiba has pledged in his new plan for the country to fix the electricity issue within six months of his government being approved, the plan includes utilization of solar power and restoring outdated or destroyed electricity plants.


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