Al-Sarraj leaves Libya, assigns duties of Presidency Council to Ahmed Maitiq


Posted – 15th February 2021

CAIRO -15 February 2020: Al-Arabiya Al-Hadath quoted sources as saying that former Head of the Libyan Presidential Council, Fayez Al-Sarraj, left Libya and assigned Ahmed Maitiq the duties of leading over the Libyan Presidential Council, without mentioning where he would leave.

On Saturday, new Chairman of the Libyan Presidency Council, Mohamad Al-Manfi, discussed with a delegation of parliamentarians the convening of the parliament and carrying out the necessary arrangements to consider granting confidence to the new government.

Al-Manfi tweeted, “Today, during my visit to Tobruk, I met with a delegation of members of the Libyan House of Representatives to discuss the convening of the parliament and the session that will be held in the upcoming days, and also to carry out the necessary arrangements to consider granting confidence to the new government as soon as its formation is proposed so that it can perform its tasks.”

The Libyan House of Representatives, currently based in Tobruk, agreed to conduct a plenary session in Sirte to hold a vote of confidence for the recent interim government.

A source in the House of Representatives confirmed the start of the technical and logistical preparations for conducting this introductory session following the approval and signature of nearly 100 members, which will be devoted to discussing the mechanism for implementing the outcomes of the previous Libyan Political Dialogue Forum session in Geneva.

The source explained the session was held to study the mechanism for adopting the new executive authority and whether it will be in the direct voting process, in a plenary session, or through video conference.


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