Afriqiyah Airways announces start of Benghazi-Misrata flights – another step toward normalization


Posted – 03rd March 2021

Libya’s state Afriqiyah Airways announced yesterday the restart of its Benghazi – Misurata – Benghazi flights. Flights will commence from next Tuesday 9 March.

On 10 February the first Libyan Airlines flight had commenced from Tripoli’s Mitiga airport to Benghazi’s Benina airport.

The Afriqiyah flight is part of the wider political healing and reunification of the country set in motion by the 23 October ceasefire and 5 February (Geneva) LPDF’s selection of a new unified Libyan government. The news is further evidence of the normalization between western and eastern Libya after a long political split and civil war.

Nevertheless, the EU imposed flight ban on Libya is still in place. There are no scheduled flights by EU carriers into Libya nor Libyan carriers into EU airspace.

In fact, Libyan carriers currently fly scheduled flights to Tunis, Sfax, Istanbul and Alexandria. Other African destinations as well as Cairo are expected soon.

Libya has been attempting to register some of its carriers in Malta to enable them to fly directly into the EU.

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